About us

DST was founded in 2009 in Ningbo (China) by Italian and Taiwanese shareholders who decided to combine their technical skills and trading experience. They were able to create a company which provides not just high-end quality moulds and products but also a full range of services. While maintaining high quality standards, the customers can fully exploit the benefits and competitiveness edge that Chinese manufacturing can offer.

Since 2009, DST kept achieving higher standards of products and services, serving and cooperating bigger and more demanding international customers while increasing in size, turnover and capabilities.

Along these years we have also consolidated our cooperation with several local manufacturers. Thanks to that we are able to provide wider and more flexible range of solutions to our customers, as well as increase our output capability.

To improve our after-sales service we cooperate with two toolshops based in northern Italy. This choice turned out to be a key factor in our success since we are now able to offer modifications, repairs and maintenance service in Europe – a capability that only few other Asian competitors can offer.

Besides the plastic injection moulds, DST also provides plastic and metal parts and components to different industries. The growth of this sector of our business led us to open DFM in 2014 where we manufacture aluminium components for automotive industry and metal based assembled products for the medical industry.

While consolidating our businesses we keep looking for new and more demanding challenges from the actual market. We look forward to expand our business and relations in new markets, fulfilling the will to grow and improve which has always driven our company.