Complete service

From preliminary feasibility evaluation, through the design and production phases till after sales service.
We do not supply just moulds but a complete service enabling our customers to have clear overview over the process and providing them not only high quality products but also a professional support during each phase of the project.

How we work


We receive enquiry sheet, product's 3D drawings and technical specs requirements from our customers.

Project's preliminary analysis and feasibility evaluation

Our technical department will assess the feasibility of the project and cooperate with the customer in order to define the guidelines for the mould's design.

2D Draft and main BOM

Along with our quotation, we provide a detailed 2D draft of the mould in order to allow our customers to evaluate each major constructive detail of the project.

Mould's 3D drawings

Following the order's confirmation, we will provide you the 3D drawing of the mould in order to check and confirm the detailed construction specs.


Once the design phase is completed and approved, we start the production process.


Following our QA standards, main raw materials are sent to the lab for chemical composition and hardness control. At the same time main components are subjected to dimensional and functional tests.

Mould's test

Once completed and assembled, we run a first test on the mould to detect and correct eventual mechanical and performance problems. During this phase we also produce T1 samples that are available for customer's evaluation.

Product's samples

When the mould reaches the QA standards we proceed with product's samples production. Once approved by our QC team, samples are sent to customer for evaluation and eventually for final confirmation.


Before shipment the mould is subjected to a series of QC tests (ranging from raw material's properties to infrared scanning) to ensure that it reaches each specification required by customer.


Our logistic department will provide solutions and assistance for the whole shipping related issues.

Mould's design documents (CAD, 3D and BOM)

Together with the moulds we supply the full package of technical drawings, including 2D tables, 3D drawings, BOM (Bill Of Materials) and identification plaques drawings.

After-sales modifications and maintenance service

We cooperate with two moulds toolshops in Italy in order to provide after sales assistance . Maintenance , repair and modifications services can also be provided to our customers.